What is Functional Medicine?

Healthcare that focuses on the root cause of a problem and the optimization of body function by using a mix of traditional medicine, herbal and natural treatments, conventional and functional medicine labs, diet, exercise, sleep, stress management, traditional and non-traditional therapies to bring the person to their best state of health. It is not a pill for each diagnosis or a few minutes to discuss a complex problem.

Who is a good candidate?

  1. Someone who is ready to take an active role in achieving their best health. A person willing to explore a change in diet or lifestyle.
  2. Willing to look at conventional labs, DNA data as well as functional medicine labs to get the information needed. These are sometimes covered or partially covered by insurance and sometimes they are an out of pocket expense. Every opportunity will be explored to keep your costs as low as possible.
  3. Willing to give an extensive history and answer many questions about your health.
  4. Open minded to new therapies- herbal, nutritional, movement, light therapy, oxygen, biofeedback techniques and more- whatever it takes.
  5. A person who realizes that what took years to break may not be fixed in a few days. Sometimes it can, but some things take months to improve although steady progress should be seen.

Who is not a good candidate?

  1. Someone who wants a pill or surgery to fix everything for them.
  2. Does not see themselves as the most important member of the healthcare team.
  3. Expects one visit to solve the whole problem. This is an ongoing relationship until you have all the tools to independently self manage your concerns.
  4. Hates answering a lot of questions.
  5. Won’t consider novel therapies. If what you have tried hasn’t worked, it’s time to look beyond.

The functional medicine approach works very well with chronic disease and health promotion. If you are ready to deeply address your health concerns and/or feel better than you have in years and would like to work together, call the office at 610-644-0477 for more information. Looking forward to showing you just how good life can feel!



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